How do I download an ebook?
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Follett Shelf is a virtual bookshelf that is fully integrated with our school library catalog, Follett Destiny. It provides a friendly online environment for students and teachers to read books from our Follett eBook collection. Books can be downloaded onto both Apple and Android devices or read in your computer’s browser.
To download the Follett BryteWave K-12 Edition digital reader app onto your device
Click here to get BryteWave
(Note: the app is not required to access eBooks. You can use a standard browser on compatible devices)

After downloading the app, go to the Clagett McLennan Library page and click on Follett Shelf in the left navigation bar.
Enter your library user name and password. If prompted for the URL address when signing in, use the one below:

Here you can check out the book you are interested in. Most books have a 14-day check out period. Once you have checked out the book, you will go back to your device, log in, and download the book.

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